Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Young Victoria

(Original post 5/08/11)

On a relaxing Saturday night, I decided to watch a movie, and I picked "The Young Victoria" from my Netflix instantly watch queue. 

I love these movies that illustrate significant historic events and people from hundreds and hundreds of years ago, mostly for their cultures. Castles, dresses, language, and their daily rituals... Oh I wish I was a part of the royal family. Hey, even at my age, I still want to be a princess, and there is nothing wrong with it!! 

I am certainly surprised and also excited at the same time about how the Queen Victoria found the love of her life. You know how marriages were all part of royal politics back in those days. Victoria and Albert was probably one of those, but they did love each other. 

The love between them lasted "until the death do us part."

You know what? I still believe in that. I believe in finding and falling in love so, so deep. All that butterflies you get in the stomach, that excitement you can't hide... You miss someone so bad that it makes you almost cry at nights.... It makes you feel you'd do anything, and literally anything for that person.... I believe in all that. 

Do you?

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