Tuesday, August 9, 2011

H&M Fitting Room

(Original 5/22/11)

This is the exact same ad I was seeing about the "Judgement Day" which supposedly was.... yesterday.
Well, nothing happened. I should say, nothing MAJOR happened.
I'm totally an atheist but am respectful for all religious believes (except those ones that are so extreme and make it ok to harm people). But this rapture thing sounds just (I'm sorry who believed in this) silly, almost.

Bottom line, I had a pretty okay Saturday.

I went to the city to meet my friend, but got totally ditched.
Went to H&M and found something I really really tempted to purchase but didn't.

These super wide, long, and baggy black pants!! I'm crazy about them.

And my outfit for the doomsday. Ha!
Hope everyone's weekend was pretty normal and fun :)

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