Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My fave list (TV show)

(Original post 5/23/11)

Thank God for Netflix!!

Whoever came up with that idea is genius. I literally spend hours watching something on Netflix.

Other than movies that are available to watch instantly on my TV (via wii) or computer, I watch A LOT of TV shows. And it became very clear that I like crime solving, police, FBI dramas.

Definitely by far the best, at least for now. They just finished the finale of Season 6. Oh my gosh, the way they ended it!! Can't wait for the next season. I want to know what's gonna happen to Bones and Booth!!
Oh, and I forgot which season, but they had a Japanese well-kown singer/ actress as a Japanese journalist interviewing Brennan. 
I watched Season 1 - 4 on Netflix, a 100 something episodes... took me days.

NUMB3RS (Numbers, obviously)
Netflix recommended the show. Just started watching it yesterday. It's pretty good so far. The show ended last year. They did 6 seasons. I have over 100 episodes to watch. My weekends just got busier.. 

My supervisor told me to watch and so far watched a few season. It's okay but I'm not feeling too crazy about it. I mean the story is good I guess but it just moves slow... Not sure if I keep watching it.

I used to watch this show religiously every time they have a marathon. I like the original one, the Las Vegas one. I never liked New York or Miami, for some reason. I also kinda stop watching it when the show replaced Grissom. 

The show is pretty intense! Maybe a little too intense. I like the serious crime solving plus a bit of laughter. Southalnd is just so hard-core cop drama. I'd watch if they have a next season. This type of drama is definitely something new.

The Closer
I love the Closer! All characters are so funny, especially Chief Johnson. Why does she have a south accent anyway? 

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Of all Law & Orders, I like the SVU the most. The show is running for a looong time! They were shooting by my friend's house and he was pretty upset how the crew took entire 3 blocks by his house for weeks and he didn't have parking spots!

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