Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Usual Suspects....

(Original post 6/07/11)

Here are a few pairs of shoes that I wear most often at work....

ZARA Black Sandals (1)
My current most favorite pair!! They're so chic and just so gorgeous...
One skinny band over the foot in the front, and two wide bands around your ankles.
They're not as uncomfortable as you think ;)

ZARA Black Sandals (2) 
This pair has chunky high heels and I can wear them all day! Also it's velvet!
Two crossing straps in the front and the ankle strap with a buckle! 

Calvin Klein Black Cut-out Heels
I love CK shoes! This pair is so cute small triangular cut-outs on the sides. On the top, it's like 3 bands across the foot.  So unique yet chic....

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