Thursday, August 18, 2011

Son of the Sun--Live at Arlene's Grocery 6/17/11

(Original post 6/19/11)

I went to Son of the Sun live in NYC last Friday. 
Son of the Sun is a band from Buffalo, NY (woot!), where I finished my school and I have LOTS of good friends. They came to perform in NYC a few times before, I think this is like...4th time?

Please everyone, go here to listen to their music and download. 
The live was amazingly good!! I love their music. It makes you wanna smile, dance, jump around, and cry. 

The great thing was that it was like a small reunion!
I went with my girlfriend that I've known from Buffalo and lived with in the past, and then this kid we used to hang out came out (He's originally from Long Island, NY and went to school together in Buffalo).  I know one of the band members (my rockstar friend!), and his best friend came along with the band.  Boys used to live together, and I went there to hang out. Oh well, the boys threw amazing house parties back then. Ha, good old times.

We talked, had a few drinks. It was just like old times, but I wish we could hung out a little longer. It was only a few hours that we had a change to talk. So I'm wishing they'll come down again VERY soon.

Oh boy, how much I missed them!!  I was so excited and happy to see them. I am happy for their successes. We live totally different worlds now. I hope we stay in touch.

I wish I took more pictures!

Source:  Son of the Sun

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