Sunday, August 7, 2011

Brunch in the sun

(Original post 5/08/11)

I was waiting for this kind of weather for a long long time!!

I had to bring my car to the shop (which I neglected for years, but it came to the point where my car makes annoying sounds that made me scared to drive. So I had to take care of her, finally). While my car was getting fixed, I decided to have brunch. Weather was just gorgeous! This little restaurant in Brooklyn had outside seating (like many others), and it was cute. Food was good. Everything was fresh. 
I didn't know the neighborhood had such cute places. To my surprise, it wasn't the only place. I found this thai-korean fusion restaurant right next to the place I went today. I definitely want to check that place out.

Blueberry muffin. So purple, so cute!

This sweet potato fries were delish! 

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