Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Hobby

I'm surprised myself that I even thought about baking.
Last time I baked was a few years ago, and I totally failed. I was trying to bake chocolate chip cookies, and it turned out to be like....bread. So I was like, ok this isn't for me, I'm not a baking person.

This year, my friend came over for Thanksgiving. I'm an Asian, not born in the States, so I'm sort of whatever about Thanksgiving. We just decided to get together for fun times.
I decided to make cranberry sauce, and some other stuff. I bought 2 bags of fresh cranberries. I cooked 1 bag and had another bag left in the fridge.

That's when I started to think.... What else can I make with fresh cranberries? I went online and start looking for some recipes using cranberries.

Pictures are the result. Cranberry scones.
They have fresh cranberries, of course, and walnuts and orange zest. It's quite tasty!

So, the baking is becoming my next hobby, I'd have to say.
I'm a sucker for dark chocolate. My next baking is going to be chocolate scones!!