Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fight for Fashion

My good girlfriend and I decided that we're not going to miss this great opportunity to add one of the greatest fashionable pieces to our closets . Yes, Versace for H&M!!

We did some research and found out this is going to be waaaay more serious than we thought it would be.

We originally thought about getting to the H&M store on 5th Ave. and 51st St. in Manhattan about 2 hours before the store opening. But my girlfriend found that out a few people were already in front of the store on Thursday!! That's 2 days before.
We figured, we need to get there as early as possible.

9:00 PM  We came home, ate and drank very briefly

11:00 PM   Nap time!

2:00 AM   We woke up and started getting ready.

3:00 AM   Left the house for the store. So dark and so cold!

4:00 AM   Arrived at the store, and we found this LOOOOOOONG line already in front of the store. Were were in shock. We didn't really counted but figured maybe there are 150 people in front of us. But then again, guys don't need the bracelets so we thought, huh, maybe not so bad. I was amazed there were so many guys too!

5:00 AM  Still waiting on a line, shivering. We didn't bring the blankets or anything. It was so cold and we wished the time passed faster!!!

6:00 AM   Line moved!! Some people were caught off-guard, they left chairs and blankets on the side of the sidewalk. We only found out it was just nothing.

6:30 AM  We hear a loud voice from the front of the line, but really can't hear it. After another 20 minuets of just waiting, finally!!!! They're distributing the bracelets!! Seemingly the staffs from H&M waring Versace for H&M T-Shirts  are counting the numbers, telling everyone to line up straight, explaining the shopping rules.... And, the moment arrives...... GOT OUR BRACELETS!!
Our 15 minuets slot was between 11:05 to 11:20. So after doing some calculation, we were anywhere between 190-200 first people.
Got bracelets and we decided to go eat. There's no reason to wait until 11:00, we got the "tickets"!!

7:20 AM   Our breakfast in Korean Town. At this point, my feet and fingers were numb.  Hot soup brought me life!

8:30 AM   Back in the mid-town, with Starbucks in our hands. We hoped to kill time at some other stores but no store is open at 10AM. Sleepiness hits us so badly....

9:30 AM   H&M store opened half an hour ago, and we decided that we just kill time at the store until 11:05. But when we returned the store, we found a long line! It didn't matter if you have the bracelets or not, you just had to stand on a line They were letting a group of certain number of people at a time. We already see people coming out of that gigantic Versace for H&M shopping bag. Multiple of them!!

10:20 AM    After spending some more time at Rockefeller center building, we returned to the store for the 2nd time. There was no more line, so we entered. So many people in the store!!!
We went to the 2nd store where they had the men's collection. Oh my gosh, only thing we saw was just empty shelves! Only things we saw were pink dress shoes and black coats with leather sleeves (which I like quite a lot).

10:40 AM   There a section separated in the store with a curtain like fabric with Versace for H&M logos on. 15 people were lined up right in front of that small section of the store. Store staffs came one after another, like every 2 minuets to check the color of our bracelets and the time that was written on them to make sure that there are only 15 people for the next time slot. Let me tell ya, they were very, very serious about this. We were like, "Again, you just came to check!"  Ridiculous, right?

11:00 AM   5 minuets before out time! We planned I go for the booties I want first then just grab whatever in size 2 and 4. My friend was gonna take care of the accessories like bags and scarf.

11:05 AM   We entered the area!!
I rushed towards where the booties are. Then immediately staffs help me to find my size. Unfortunately the size 7 were sold out, so I grabbed size 8. Then move on to clothes. My girlfriend found out that the black leather dress and jackets were sold out for the first two groups. Were were the 10th, so you see how fast things are getting sold.
I grabbed some of this and that. My friend wanted to buy dresses and selling them after wearing a few times, but I wasn't gonna. I came for the shoes and I got them. I was pretty much done.

11:15 AM    Time flies! I see there are less and less people in the area. When I turned my heard around, I saw the pink dress that my friend wanted it after the black leather dress. So I literally ran over to grab it. It just popped out out of nowhere! I checked the size, praying that it's a 2 or 4. And it is a 2!!!! I grabbed it and screamed her name. COME GET THIS DRESS NOOOOWWW!!!!!!
That was the last thing we put in our shopping bag and were were driven out of the area, like goats chased by a dog.

H&M also gave us 20% off coupon, so I bought a dress with flower prints.
We went outside, exhausted. EXHAUSTED!!!!

This was truly the most ridiculous thing I've ever done in recent years. Was it worth it? Yes! I love the shoes. I haven't wore them yet but I can't wait!!

Some more shopping at Uniqlo afterwords. Bought a bunch of heat-tech.
Who doesn't need them in NY?? It's getting so cold, I feel it's the winter air blowing....

I hear Versace and H&M are teaming up again for the spring collection.
Do I do this again? Absolutely!! Of course after checking the collection. Cannot wait for the spring already!!


  1. I love the collab so much! Too bad everything was sold out by the time I got to the store, but the looks online were just amazing!